Ethnic Multilayered Coin Shape Fringed Necklace

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  • Ethnic Multilayered Coin Shape Fringed Necklace - SILVER GRAY
  • Ethnic Multilayered Coin Shape Fringed Necklace - SILVER GRAY
  • Ethnic Multilayered Coin Shape Fringed Necklace - SILVER GRAY
  • Ethnic Multilayered Coin Shape Fringed Necklace - SILVER GRAY

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Ethnic Multilayered Coin Shape Fringed Necklace - SILVER GRAY



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  • Color: SILVER GRAY
  • Category: Accessories > Jewelry > Necklaces

Product Details
Item Type Pendant Necklace
Gender For Women
Style Classic
Shape/Pattern Round
Length 55CM
Weight 0.230kg
Package Contents 1 x Necklace


  • By Tanya

    4 Ms.

    this is actually a very heavy necklace. I was pleasantly surprised. Its a lovely necklace
    May-17/2016 21:35:56 color:SILVER GRAY
  • By Judith ringo

    5 ms.

    deluxe necklace. bold and stunning. keep the compliments coming.
    Apr-24/2016 20:42:25 color:SILVER GRAY
  • By Chrissy

    5 Coins later necklace

    Really lovely ! Nice weight to it and falls just right. Dresses up jeans & to shirt also great with a nice blouse or dress . Excellent value ;)
    Apr-23/2016 07:41:41 color:SILVER GRAY
  • By Eve

    5 electronicwings

    Incredible design, excellent workmanship, solid connections, has weight as if made with sturdy materials. I am very pleased, this necklace gets compliments from everyone. UNBELIEVABLE PRICE! I have no complaints about ANY of the jewelry I have bought from your site!
    Mar-01/2016 20:12:23 color:SILVER GRAY
  • By Jacqueline

    5 Mrs.

    Gorgeous goes exactly with a necklace I have
    Dec-16/2015 19:38:18 color:SILVER GRAY


  • By Jeebs Jul-22/2015 12:07:02

    Q: What is this necklace made of?
    A: Hi,Jeebs. The material is Alloy.



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