How would you feel about wearing a pair of pants that look like a pair of fried chicken wings? Fried chicken pants from Japan sweep the internet,in the heart of Tokyo, a company has decided to take their love for fried chicken to a whole new level! It felt as though we've seen it all and nothing could surprise us anymore...and then fried chicken pants came into our lives. These are the 'fried chicken leg' pants spotted by Twitter user k_kazu_magi on major Japanese online retail site, These “fried chicken pants” are a unique product of cawaii, a fashion magazine that originated in Japan. This pair of bottoms make your legs actually resemble a fried chicken drumstick. Or a buffalo wing. Whatever your localized version is called. Because of the anatomy of a chicken wing, these pants also give you automatic thick thighs! the next hot ticket item on offer will be the 'fried chicken pants', brought to the internet by e-commerce store Rakuten. 'I tried not to laugh but I can't stop staring at the chicken legs,' one tweeter remarked enthusiastically. The trousers have become an ongoing meme, with everything from chicken rubber chew toys for dogs to carrots being posted in relation to the fashion item.