The Japanese school uniform is modeled in appearance similar to that of the European-style naval uniforms and was first used in Japan in the late 19th century. Item Includes: Top and Pants; Pictured items not included: Shoes, Socks. Washing Instruction Hand Wash or Machine Wash in Gentle Cycle with Wash Net. The socialization of Japanese children into upstanding and unobtrusive citizens starts young and is encouraged by the country's educational system. Rules regarding clothing and classroom behaviors are necessary in any nation's school setting, but the institutions' attempts to control their students seem particularly far-reaching in Japan. Buruma is the Japanese term for Bloomers, commonly referred to as simply “Gym Uniform", which were used as PE outfits in Japan in the 20th century. Not to be confused with gym uniforms in general, buruma refers to the specific underwear-like gym shorts part of the outfit. Despite no longer being used officially in present day, their close resemblance to underwear made them a common form of fanservice in anime and manga and kept them alive as a fetish item amongst its fanbase. For our cosplaying fans, here's a new Japanese school gym uniform set just waiting to be worn. These track uniforms worn in Japanese milf in middle and high school are the uniform for PE.