Despite being one of the most lusted after actresses of this generation, there simply are not enough Jessica Alba sex scenes to go around. Here are some hot screen caps of Jessica Alba in a sex scene getting her boobies squeezed in a bathtub. This movie must be artsy because Jessica Alba is notoriously uptight, and the only way someone like her would agree to shoot a scene with some guy palming her breasts would be for the sake of “art”.Which reminds me can someone get me the number to Jessica’s people. I have a great idea for an artsy movie that just has Oscar written all over it. There is a scene were the female lead gets a “minivan” (2 fingers in the front and 5 in the back), but its going to be super tastefully done. I just think Jessica would be perfect for the role. Stil,l we've brought you the five best Jessica Alba sex scenes out there: "The Sleeping Dictionary"- While some of the Jessica Alba sex scenes leave something to be desired, the scene in this movie is by far the one of the hottest.  Set in 1936 Sarawak, Alba plays a woman assigned to teach a young British colonialist the language and culture of the small island.  The two eventually fall in love and in one scene have a very steamy romp under the sheets. "The Killer Inside Me"- Hot but weird is the best way to describe this Jessica Alba sex scene. The scene between Jessica Alba and Casey starts off with him basically beating her, but in the end they get involved in a passionate sex scene. This is one of those scenes where you can't look away yet feel just a little bit dirty for continuing to watch.  Jessica Marie Alba hot beaten and raped in the movie "The killer inside me" with Casey Affleck. This is a video made me, as the song in the background I chose "Baby did a bad bad thing" by Chris Isaak.