Monica Bellucci's anal rape scene. Irreversible (2002) 284 comments. This long, controversial scene is difficult to watch for many people because it is filmed so ...The irreversible rape scene, the most famous scene of rape, with Monica Bellucci.The most disturbing to me, besides the obvious, is that man that walks into the background, sees the scene, and walks away again.Pornhub is the ultimate xxx porn and sex site. ... But this scene stayed with me. I wanted to kill him lol. .... Playlists Containing: Monica Bellucci Irreversible Anal.this thread is relevant to my interests. inb4username. Ice or Grass, We'll kick your ass! -Pittsburgh Sports Fan Representin i rape back!A vivid nine-minute rape scene in the film Irreversible has been left uncut by British censors after they consulted a forensic psychiatrist.In an interview with, Monica Belluci talks her role in “Tears of the Sun” and ... WM: How difficult was it shooting the rape scene?Interestingly, Love had been in the works long before Irreversible and Noé had wanted the then happily married couple, current Bond woman ...A film featuring a graphic nine-minute rape scene, which has caused ... Irreversible, starring Monica Belluci, has caused walkouts at film ...After watching Monica Bellucci`s rape scene in 'Irreversible', Sienna Miller fears she`ll never be shocked by a love scene in a film ever again.