Could you show me your panties?Evil Mr. Fardy and the stolen panties from "Blatant Deception". I hit the streets of Los Angeles with the hilarious comedian Jason Farone, to see how easy is it to get passers by to show us their underwear!  Stuart reveals female citizens of Paris wearing spotless, tight white underpants that wedge inside their derrières. Ah, say it again -- "derrière." What a wonderfully poetic word for rump. And because Stuart's French girls are all human, you see them crouch in the alley and use one finger to hook open the crotch of their white panties and urinate. They pee on concrete, on bricks, on grass. If you were to go with Stuart to the train station, say Gare du Nord, he'd show you dozens of traveling girls -- maybe Italians or Germans -- crouching by the lockers changing their dirty panties. Show Me Your Panties, is a new Alliance founded by Samuel the Terrible. We aim to be a small yet fun group of corps, who can do whatever they want. We do however pride ourselves of ganking, griefing and upsetting people for entertainment. STATUS